Energy, Landscape and Culture in the Urban Food Exchange

The proposed building is next to the Maryhill Locks, North of Glasgow (indicated on the map below). The current site is mainly used for walking and other leisure activities and therefore gets a large amount of foot traffic each day. The site is sloped and sits next to a set of high-rise flats located South of the site.

My proposal creates three main buildings, The House, The Production Hub, and The Learning Hub, all connected with an assembly/circulation space. All facilities are orientated to suit the landscape. The House and Production Hub faces two basins, the assembly facing the lock and the Learning Hub orientation with the existing flats. The building forms aim to connect the waves and the apartments with my proposal cascading down the slope, getting smaller as they reach the canal. Something important to me was to make the building as accessible as possible. I decided to place the building into the landscape rather than on top.

My proposal also aims to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

North Facing Elevation

Perspective Section

View from Canal