?er!od. (Period.)

“?er!od.” is a children led learning kit that includes three different levels of learning. You will receive the full kit at primary 2, which is around six years old. And we suggest you finish the learning before you go to secondary school.

In level 1, the user will learn about the formal names of people’s private parts. It might not be that related to periods itself, but I think it is important for them to know the correct names of their private parts before learning more.

The user will then get these conversation cards that encourage them to chat with their peers about the names they’ve learned. And the points collecting cards to keep track of how they’re doing. We recommend they move on to the next level after collecting 15 points. But it’s totally up to the user whether or not to go to the next level. It is okay for them to stay on the current level for a bit longer if they don’t feel ready to learn more.





Moving on to level 2, they will be learning basic knowledge about periods. An additional booklet will introduce what period poverty is and a key chain DIY activity for them to show support for those who need help. Same as level 1, they will also get these cards for opening up a conversation with others.

When they are ready, we’ll be welcoming them to level 3, delivering further information about periods. There will also be an additional booklet on this level that tells them what kinds of period products there are. And a period product kit for them to actually see the products.

This kit is not only for people who menstruate; people who don’t menstruate are also invited to join.

Hoping to remove stigma towards period, normalise it, and encourage people to feel comfortable talking and discussing period.




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