Exhibiting @ The Alternative Degree Show Festival

The amazing Student lead initiative, ‘The Alternative Degree Show Festival’ has been showcasing the Artwork we have created this year.

Here I am sharing my installation at Mid Wharf Art and Design, one of the many venues around the city taking part in the festival. Alongside my Film (shown above), props, and a projection rig, the installation sets to be an immersive experience for viewers.

Find out more about the Festival:


Picture Credit – Iju Park


(Canal boat: Plywood, Flexi-ply, Gloss Paint, Wood Stain) 

(Space Hat: Pulley Rope, Dishcloth, Thread)

(Winch: Tree Support, Pulley attachment, Red Gloss Paint, Stain)

(Chess Board: Cotton, Dye, Thread, Stamped Leather, Beeswax, Black Ink, Brass Cast Thumb) 

(Projection Rig: Adapted Plastic Tub, 32mm Plastic Lense, Metal Clips, Rubber, Nylon Rope, Tripod, Spray Paint)

See the Projection Rig used as part of my instalation in action