Exhibition Intro

I set up an example exhibition as part of my project to demonstrate the psychological approach of the Museum of Ritual Life.  The exhibition is showing different inherited and developed personal ritual styles. By browsing the ritual stories and answering the questions provided for each story, you can figure out your own style or styles.

“Reflecting on Your Ritual Style

Whether the ritual style in your life now is minimized, interrupted, rigid, obligatory, imbalanced, or flexible, or some combination of these styles across various categories of rituals, you can examine your rituals and determine if they are meeting your relationship needs, or whether you want to try changing some of the patterns. A good starting place is to reflect on the rituals in your family-of-origin, and then compare these to your current rituals.”


The content of the exhibition is based on: Evan Imber-Black, PhD. and Janine Roberts, EdD, Your family heritage - understand your ritual style, Rituals for Our Times, (New York: Harper Perennial, 1993) p. 57-75.