Exploring Alternative Domesticities

Taking inspiration from Raimund Abraham’s 1972 poem “ the elements of the house” the house is reimagined with the various phenomena that happens in the home. Such as intimacies, dreams, niches and warmth which are usually adjectives not used to describe HDB spaces.

The Home

The Single Parent

Single parent families stray away from the traditional family structure where much of Singapore’s housing is designed for. Facing many difficulties, emotionally and physically as they try to strive to provide the best for their kids.

Relationship between core and home

With the Parent away from home for long periods of time due to work commitments. The child has to be home alone. Can the home then in the place of the parent be able to provide certain sort of warmth and embrace for the child. Experimenting with a core concept that the family life revolves around

Exploring Forms with core concept

Materials that embrace

Experimenting with materials that could produce an sense of embrace, making up for the absence of the parent.

At Home

The ceiling is made from a series of paper-like translucent material with leaf shapes cut from it. As light pass through, it is filtered into soft diffused lighting almost as if sitting under the tree. Modular furniture that allows the child to reappropriate the space to their imagination.
The central core is characterised by sliding doors made of paper as well as chalkboards that allows the parent and child to communicate especially when they have to leave early for work. It allows the space to be reconfigured with different levels of privacy to suit different occasions