It’s so easy to lose the ability to see the magic in the ordinary of things. Caught up in endless exciting visuals we consume on social media, the beauty in everydayness gets ignored. To unlock the magic in the world requires playing with our environment, borrowing from guerilla art as an inspiration. They’re non-intrusive, spontaneous, and a great way to activate one’s imagination.

Photo Collection
Familiarity breeds contempt, leading to many overlooked surprises that somehow make the neighbourhood special. Each time I would often notice very different things, lending to its uniqueness in my eyes.

Video Collection
Intrigued by the concept of light, I set out to uncover the site with different intentions to verbalise the ever-changing everyday experience. Throughout the day, the atmosphere was night and day.

Magic in the Night
The coloured lights that come alive in the quiet of the night. It feels rather liberating to be cloaked by the night. The bright lights appear to be beacons of safety and like moths drawn to a flame, we seek out paths with lights to get our way home.

Day vs. Night
A comparison of lighting qualities at different times of the day. The daytime hides sheltered spaces but the night makes them pronounced. The night experience of the space is rather distoreted, void of the vibrant colours and shapes we enjoy in the day.

Precedent Studies
Guerilla art, known for its spontaneity, serves as a great inspiration for me. It is a reaction to the environment and feels rather personal. One artist in particular that I enjoy goes by the name of MOBSTR with his ‘Progressions’ work. It interacts with both space, the authorities and is open to passersby to observe the interactions.

Exhibit 01
These glass tiles are visible enough to hint movement happening on the other side through lights. I wanted to enhance that by creating mechanical tiles that follow the movement of the passerby. This installation would allow people to notice their own pace and presence in that space itself.

Exhibit 02
These frames lend an interesting way of painting the walls both in day time and night time. The artificial bulbs at night can create harsh shapes and the day would have a much softer effect.

Exhibit 03
The cats in this neighbourhood are beloved and spoiled plenty. This installation takes inspiration from John Barcus’ fantastical perspective of pipes and how it can provide an opportunity for cats to seek refuge or perch from higher ground.

Exhibit 04
Inspired by the appearance of night and day in below photograph, I wanted to create a distinct installation.

Reflection                                                                                        Although guerilla art may seem unrefined, it is honest and encapsulates the sentiment of the people towards their environment. I think this activity helps me to be more spontaneous in my processing of the space around me.

Exhibition Pamphlet

Part 1

Part 2 Diagram

Part 2

Part 3 Ideation

Part 3

Mirror Tile Animation