Societal changes creates provocations which could change the way public housing in Singapore looks. The methods of constructions is another way in provoking the public housing in Singapore. The project looks into the methods of construction and the structural considerations that will eventually affect or show different details.

HDB – Prefabrication Technology. This was taken from the HDB website, an official government website. The idea of prefabrication or precast components for the construction of flats started in 1980s.


Exploration on the different materials and process. Through my own research of 3D printing to understand the process and the limitations of 3D printing. The idea of 3D printing would began to affect the way we live in HDB as walls would no longer be straight, water pipes and electricity can be planned properly with the different software.

The critique on Singapore’s social constructionism. Singapore is a country that has an aging population. The idea of creating a friends policy to buy a HDB would then begin to tackle young Singaporeans to get independent at an earlier age.