Faerie Ring {Ostara – Beltane}

Wool from charity shops and Isle of Iona – dyed with Carrot tops, Nettle, and Red Cabbage
3 Silver Birch branches – Mugdock Park, Milngavie Birch twigs – The Cairngorms National Park Birch bark – The Cairngorms National Park Yarrow leaves and flowers – Braid Park, Glasgow Old Man’s Beard Lichen -The Cairngorms

Moss – The Cairngorms National Park
Dandelion flowers and leaves – Woodlands, Glasgow
Devil’s Darning Needles – Woodlands, Glasgow
Primrose flowers and leaves – Braid Park, Glasgow
Coltsfoot – Garnethill, Glasgow
Daffodil flowers and stems – Braid Park, Glasgow
Yellow dock stems and seeds – Braid Park, Glasgow
Lesser Celandine – Garnethill, Glasgow
Cleavers, Woodlands, Glasgow
Wild grass – Woodlands, Glasgow
Spearmint – Garnethill, Glasgow
Vetch – Woodlands, Glasgow
Green stemmed Dogwood branches – M8 underpass, Glasgow

250 cm x 150 cm woven installation March – May 2022