Fellout (working title)

Fellout is an adaptation of the video game series Fallout into a webcomic. The composition of these pages is very much automatic and stream-of-consciousness like, as they aren’t intented to be published and read as such. I draw the story in the order in which the events
took place in my character’s life, keeping in mind when working that my comic pages, as I draw them, will look nothing like the final online publication. To show an example of what I aim for, I drew and published a teaser excerpt on a dedicated wordpress website, a dedicated Tumblr blog, and my personal Instagram. Please visit either of these to read the excerpt.

I included further down excerpts of the pages I’ve been working on the past year. I invite you to zoom in to read the more intricate, full-on pages.

Fellout (1)

Fellout (2)

Fellout (3)

Fellout (4)

Fellout (5)

Dunn Tchk!