Final Design Thesis: Learning to Walk

This thesis seeks to revitalise Glasgow’s controversial M8 which runs through its centre. The project aims to acknowledge the climate crisis and imagines a time in the near future where the motorway is no longer a place for polluted traffic jams. Seeking to channel the optimism held by 1950’s urban planners, this thesis proposes a new use for the motorway, using it to help achieve Glasgow’s aim of Net Zero by 2030. It provides community facilities connecting into the city for the areas cut off by the motorway, knitting back together the urban fabric that has been destroyed by the motorway. The project proposes a masterplan for the city wide agenda before diving into more detail on a site specific level. The project puts climate and education at the forefront of the vision for a brighter, more sustainable and prosperous Glasgow.

The Impact of the Motorway on the Fabric of the City

A Plan For Glasgow inspired by Louis Kahn

A Protective Ring around the City

Site Axo

Site Plan


Tower Elevation

Reading Room

Section through Public Library

Public Library Elevation

Public Library Reading Room

Public Plaza

Reconnecting the City

A Vision for Glasgow