Finding His Iris

1913: engineer August Natterer has an episode of hallucinatory visions. He draws his eyes after the event with a dark, knotted pattern around one iris. He says that the vision was so powerful it must have left a mark on his actual eye.

Four sheets of organza interfere with each-other. Their pattern etches the walls and is cut into the floorboards.

I think about this iris often, and what it might be like to be inscribed by the things I see.



material list:

eyewash (4,000 ml) applied to the floor and walls

spruce veneers

steel brackets

synthetic organza

wall sections


Organza interference.
Detail of wall section.
Excerpt from 'Index', a digital web portal.
'Finding his Iris: Index' Bookwork.
'Finding his Iris: Index' Bookwork.