Five Days

Super 8, 6mins 42sec

Durational project at Kelvin River. This film is a continuation of my research into the many different forms one body of water takes.

For this film I wanted to further explore the concept of durational filming. I returned to the same spot on the Kelvin River over 5 consecutive days at the same time, around 2pm. I am fascinated by the different forms one section of water can take. I find it interesting to observe how weather and time effect the movement, patterns and textures of the water. This project is inspired by the quote (from the Greek philosopher Heraclitus) ; 'no man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man.' The world is constantly changing and no situation is ever exactly the same. For this film I can control certain aspects like the time I chose to film or location but I will never find the same river I did yesterday. I wanted this film to reflect the inconsistencies in my behaviour as a filmmaker, as well as the constant changes in the environment.