Floating Islands (Phytoremediation)

Growing from the concept of Mutual Care and The Poisoning, the question which I have started with: Can the rehabilitation of a landscape become an opportunity to recover a community and to recreate a sense of belonging?

The shipbuilding industry and prior to that the dredging of the Clyde has severed the connection between the city and its river. Currently there are very few places from which the river can be accessed and due to the large amounts of toxins (see Polmadie Burn) the water of the Clyde isn’t safe.

With the construction of the concrete and steel retaining walls, the edges of the river cut straight, providing little to no surface on which wildlife can take habitation. Through the use of floating islands, the edges of the river could be reconstructed, creating not only places for recreation but also places for wildlife and through the use of plants like water reed, the water if the Clyde could be further filtered and cleaned in the process.

Floating Islands also makes a relation between The Flooding events and the Lunar influences of the Clyde. The construction, launching, caring and departing of the islands could take on a more ritualistic form. Can the development of new rituals and habits form a new identity? An identity which is based on care, responsibility and mutual becoming?

Floating Island model

Islands in Dock 1