The design is to take all the rational understanding in Singapore’s Public Housing and fitting it into a hyper-rational geometrical typology. Using the same floor area and apply it to a different shape, instead of rectangle or square shape.

Comparing the past and the present layout. The total area of the house is getting smaller over the years. The requirements needed to hold a household shelter. More classifications of room despite smaller area. E.g, Service yard and A/C Ledge. The idea is to re-create the public housing in Singapore, I decided not to have a specific site. However, I began setting rules and constraints for myself.

Exploring the different methods. Using different methods of shaping the housing typology.

Fitting the traditional function back and critique on the space. Looking at the floor plan, it is evident that fitting the traditional furniture back into a different geometry would not be a problem. Despite weird angles requires customize furniture, the Interior Space would break the traditional four walls space. Which would provoke the way we live, however, at only a small level of provocation.This result would then lead me to my next project: FUNCTION.

Layout 5s polygon