Project Introduction & Site Plans

The School House project is a semi-supported accommodation for 16 to 21 year olds who are experiencing homelessness.

The site is the old Dumoyne Primary school located at 200 Shieldhall Road, Glasgow. The project aims to create a cocooning safe space for homeless young adults. A place where they can feel at home, somewhere they belong and have a community in which they can be a part of. I hope that through the thoughtful process of my design, the residents could achieve wellbeing. Each of the residents will have their own private spaces – their flats and the centre of the building (known as the community hub throughout the project) will be a shared area in which the residents can socialise and form bonds with each other over their shared experiences.

The areas in which I have focused most of my attention are these private and shared spaces. In accommodation such as this, the residents’ needs and overall wellbeing should be at the forefront of everything. So designing with this as the main focus seems only logical. I have created three resident profiles, Markus, Olivia and Jordan. I have also recorded a journey of the created resident Jordan, and this will hopefully enable those viewing the project to better understand it.



Site plan with colour key