Interior space reacts differently towards the purpose or the activity happening in the space. This lead me to the different functions that could occur within Singapore’s Public Housing. Provoking the things happening within the space we living in.

Understanding the functions within Singapore’s Public Housing. The HDB floor plans usual comes with a speculative furniture plan. This gives the client or user an overall idea of how to place their furniture.

Verbs to describe the functions that happens in the space. Defining the activities within the space, helps in planning and prioritize the functions that happens. Eventually, I realized that in order to push the provocation to another level, I had to speculate a possible societal change that could result in changing the current policies of HDB.

The Function project tries to provoke the activities happening in a typical public housing in Singapore. However, I realized that due to societal changes, there could have been a different take by speculating a change in the policies. Thus, designing based on the policies that allows friends to live together is my way of provoking the functions within Singapore’s public housing.Furthermore, the idea of doing both family and friend type apartment side by side is to show the juxtaposition of the 2 floor plans.