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A Service Which Aims to Bridge the Green Gap within Glasgow

The Green Gap | The year is 2032, with the rise of biophillic mindsets, Glasgow city have implemented plans through and around the city to become more ‘green’. City planning has led to green gaps occurring between households…citizens feel behind as their access/affordability to green means that their interiors do not reflect exteriors and social isolation begins.
Wee-Green is a consultancy which works for inclusivity, access and equality for green access among citizens in biophillic cities.
Working to rethink and apply adaptive and subtle artefacts within household’s interiors – Wee-Green ensures natural micro-environments have space, prominence and equality again on Earth – providing them with elements to thrive.
Making the natural environment tangible and accessible will form a nature connectedness bond, transforming human perspectives to appreciate, respect and care for the natural environment – trickling into surrounding natural environments as well.

Having an environment-centered focus throughout my research, I identified that humans are the facilitators for societal change to see themselves as equals to the natural environment, rather than accessors to deplete its resources (like they have done for centuries). So to transform human perspectives, I strived to create change through nature connectedness. This key relationship will ensure thriving conditions for environmental health, and in return, human health will thrive in conjunction.

Scale Model of Biophillic Considered Environment

Through ethnographic analysation and studies within domestic spaces, I explored how adaptive artefacts could be subtly considered providing a symbiotic relationship between humans and the natural environment - where ALL health thrives

The Products

The Wee-Mobile and Wee-Dado are embedded with biophotovoltaic (bpv) technology, generating energy through natures photosynthesis. This energy is utilised in communicating back and forth to the Wee-Meter, enabling the user to control the air purifying bio-filters within the products. The Wee-Meter also lets the user understand and examine their air quality levels within their home environments. Wee-Touch is a bio-smart gel which enables moss to grow and live within it. Applying Wee-Touch gel to furniture edges or corners acts as a tactile protector from children, pets or harm. As well as this, the natural environment is provided with prominence, space and air qualities improves.

Materialising Nature

Materialising nature means that humans have the opportunity to create a close and tactile bond with nature - ensuring nature connectedness occurs. Nature connectedness is a measurable psychological construct which focusses around humans and their relationship with nature - a key catalyst in pro-environmental behaviours, understanding, respect and appreciation.

Brand Values and Goals

User Journeys (human + non-human)