Future Museum

The brief was to consider what the future of museums may be and create a response that would benefit this future museum in some way.
This project started off very research-heavy as I was interested in a few aspects of the future of museums. I began by researching how collections are usually curated. This is often done by one person who’s job is to create an interesting exhibition that shows off the best aspects of the artefacts and artwork they have available. I find this quite interesting as it often means the exhibition is framed from one person’s point of view, who has the opportunity to tell you what they think is of importance. This lead me to consider how a museum may be curated in the future. In the days where there is a focus on personalisation and efficiency, it seems the clear next step for museums is to allow the viewer to curate their own experience from home. This control would allow the user to find things they instantly are attracted to rather than having to spend their limited time searching through exhibitions to find something they might like. The need for instant gratification is prevalent in today’s society so it’s not hard to believe there will be a time when museum visits are done completely virtually rather than ‘wasting time’ going to experience them in person.

quote and images selected from British museum


Initial research on museum curation, images selected from the British Museum and MOMA
"skip the loooong tiring day out" orange poster with light green wavy text, yellow background blue wavy text, blue background pink wavy text

Development Work

Typographic experiments using the shape of a queue to inform the shape of the text.

iPhone mockup

This gives an idea of how the application would work