“Genesis” is a hand written piece, that exists alongside another text piece titled “Cessation”.

“Genesis” is all about the beginning of transitioning. ‘The Fool’ in a tarot card reading. Moving from one space to the next. Nature symbolism is used to describe feelings of displacement and trying to figure out how to acclimatise to new places. The time of when this was written is unclear, which emphasises this idea that change is inevitable and the discomfort will always be there.

An image of a hanging hand-written text piece. The piece is hung by a dowel, which is strung up with yarn onto a nail in the wall. The wall is a bumpy, wood-chip texture that is painted magnolia. The piece is written in olive-green ink. A large piece of masking tape is above the piece, and reads: "Genesis"


An image of a hanging piece of text. The paper is hung on a dowel, which is strung up on a nail in the wall. The wall is wallpapered with a bumpy, woodchip texture and painted magnolia. A large piece of masking tap above it reads: "Genesis". The text piece is on off-white thin paper, hand-written in olive green ink. The text reads: "I wake and realise I have to leave. I'm not packed or prepared, but surely I have tons of time to prepare? A whole year left on this plane. Somewhere where I am separate and detached. Roots and vines trail from my achilles. They are preserved, have not yet rotted or dried out;..." The rest of the text is cut off from the bottom of the image.


Image of Genesis, installed in Degree Show 2022 Hand-written hanging text piece. water-based olive green ink on newsprint, wooden dowels and yarn. 143 cm X 50 cm