Gesture of Defiance: Helgi Hóseasson

(Interactive element will start and accumulate during the MFA degree show in Florence Street School from 30.05 – 13.06)

At the 1972 opening ceremony of parliament in Iceland, Helgi Hóseasson demonstrated his frustrations by splashing skyr over the president, ministers, and bishops as they walked into city hall.

A carpenter, anarchist, and social outsider, Helgi Hóseasson has publicly fought against various issues for years, one of the more personal being his desire to have the church revoke his baptism as he resented that it had been performed without his consent.

This public yet personal gesture of acting out against authority was the first of its kind in Iceland, producing this iconic image of the aftermath.

You are invited to retrace Helgi’s actions and vent your own frustrations:

-Pick up the bucket of skyr

-Think of an authority figure that has made you angry

-Use the spatula to throw the skyr at the targets