Ghost Places

The content of the project deals with an extremely contemporary issue that is affecting all of us at the moment: the Covid theme. I would like to deal with this topic by considering the places as the protagonists. In particular, I would like to highlight, with my photographs, how the Covid has changed the layout of places. Thus the title ‘Ghost Places’ was born. By ‘Ghost’ I mean the semi-abandoned places which used to be meeting points for people and now they are just crossing points. In fact, before people could meet each other, swim in the swimming pool, discover new artists at the museum, sing at concerts, relax in a hotel or simply drink a beer in a pub. But now these places have lost their role and become big empty boxes. And it is heartbreaking to see how, in a short time, the city has changed radically. For this reason, my pursuit is to give voice to the city itself through my book. Each chapter tells the story of a different place in Glasgow through photographs and short accounts of people.

My intention is to arouse nostalgic feelings in people who look at my photographs. In that, they will remember the activities they used to do in those places and now no longer. To achieve my goal, I initially thought of making long-exposure photographs. I liked the idea of representing places as static identities and people as dynamic but fleeting ghost- identities. But then I encountered several practical difficulties in taking such photographs and, at the same time, I started to think of different solutions definitively abandoning the idea of taking long exposure photos.

Ghost Places • 01

Ghost Places • 0203

Ghost Places • 0405

Kelvingrove Museum • 4243

Kelvingrove Museum • 4445

Kelvingrove Museum • 4647

Kelvingrove Museum • 4849

The SSE Hydro • 5657

The SSE Hydro • 5859

The SSE Hydro • 6061

The SSE Hydro • 6263

The Lighthouse • 7879

The Lighthouse • 8081

The Lighthouse • 8283

The Barras Market • 9495

The Barras Market • 9697

The Barras Market • 9899

The Barras Market • 100101