Have A Seat (ii) | Zine (2022)

Medium: Printed zine accompanied with a cover letter and questionnaire.

Dimensions: folded – 420 x 420 mm; opened – 841 x 841 mm

The purpose of this zine is to show you how you can build a table at the park or in a garden to create a place for collectivity and for coming together. It welcomes people of all ages and abilities to join this wholesome adventure and experience a sense of community. Inviting people to join in the labour of creating a functional object is a practical strategy for collective empowerment, responsibility and belongingness.

The recipe for this table uses natural ingredients in order to be tender to our planet and to be more familiarised with what nature has to offer. The ingredients have proven to be strong in other constructions and will provide for a resistant table. However, the environment in which it is set may affect its durability, and it is not intended to be everlasting. For that reason, it is a practical, flexible and cheap recipe that can be reproduced many times. At the end of the day, this journey asks for enthusiasm to experiment more than expertise, and for perseverance more than strength.

This recipe acts a guide in your own work of collective building and encourages you to learn as you do. Trust your senses and engage with one another to make your own and collective judgement. Follow your intuition and ingenuity, and discover the artist and maker in yourself/selves.

Have A Seat zine

Cover letters and Questionnaire