Heat rises and dust collects, 2022

This installation envisions a barren, apocalyptic landscape formed of waste. The space is haunted by absence, yet its towering scale invites the viewer, who must watch their step to preserve the fragile forms within it.

I re-purpose fragments of urban detritus to question the values of post-industrial society and portray its inherent grittiness. The juxtaposition of natural and fabricated materials disrupts the perceived separation between nature and the human world: cool, hard metal contrasts with soft, plastic mesh and tender twigs; diverse forms co-habit the space, like species interacting in ecosystems. Crucially, the burnt crust of the central sculpture is made from the same materials as the surrounding tree-like structures – a display of continuous transformation that resembles cycles of mutability and decay.

The sculptures toy with representation through the symbolic use of material and the semantics of form. The unpolished aesthetic reveals constant wear and tear, while process and material properties take centre-stage. Intense fiery colours offset the limited palette of earthy and industrial materials, creating an ecological disturbance.

Heat rises and dust collects

Recycled tin cans, welded steel, recycled plastic mesh, twigs, magnets, screws, ashes, dust, plaster, clay, hair, soil, copper powder, oil paint, resin, sodium valproate, mdf.
Welded steel, recycled plastic mesh.
Iron powder, ashes, recycled tin cans, twigs, magnets, evo-stik, screws, nails.
Clay, plaster, hessian, hair, soil, dead succulent, burnt twigs, tin cans.
Copper powder, welded steel, resin, oil paint, sodium valproate, mdf.

Heat rises and dust collects

Clay, plaster, hair, cable ties, hessian, recycled tin cans, iron powder, ashes, screws, magnets, twigs, soil, dead succulent, recycled plastic mesh, welded steel, copper powder, resin, oil paint, sodium valproate, sound recording.