Hertz RGB Colour Generator

I’ve been tasked with designing a new visual identity and instructional materials for the Hertz Corporation, a leading manufacturer of output generating devices. The new branding is to be premiered with the unveiling of the company’s latest product line, System 5000.
System 5000 by Hertz Corporation is a versatile output generation solution capable of performing various tasks with high efficiency and at low operating costs. Possible applications of System 5000 span across multiple disciplines such as science, design, art, education and mathematics to name just a few.
RGB Colour Generator is a part of System 5000 but can also be used as a stand-alone unit. Its main function is to generate colour from the RGB spectrum by individually adjusting Red, Green, and Blue channels.

The Logo was created by overlaying letters H and Z and adding an icon depicting one cycle of a sawtooth wave - one hertz is a measure of one full cycle in physics.