Traces // Hidden Beneath

Work in Progress // Third chain in the series // this chain follows a lighter shadow, a print that is hard to decipher. I plan to bring structure to these marks using cylindrical forms. At a glance, the links are hidden, but as the light catches the embossed traces, the subtleties are revealed.

This design is brought to life when worn as movement reveals the inner workings—flashes of blue and gold contrast the oxidised exterior, encouraging a closer look. The components are threaded along a blue cord, referencing the cyanotype process used to generate my designs. Hidden beneath each link is 24-carat gold gilding, which beautifully glows in the light. The inner details tease at this chain’s value – emulating the sentimentality of heirlooms beyond their temporal tarnish. This golden gilding communicates the idea that our belongings have a deeper, hidden preciousness.

hidden beneath components

Hidden Beneath Drawing

Materials: 0.3 Sterling silver sheet, press-formed with chain links, strung along blue cord via tube soldered inside each component. Length: 2 meters
Inspired by loved ones, who once walked among us, this chain highlights the material and, in turn, emotional traces we leave behind. It is a nod to those we have lost and their tangible impact on our lives.