Nina’s Floor Plan

Nina’s Floor Plan, is a collection made up of a range of sculptural hand crafted pieces of jewellery created with different plated and coloured meshes. The collection explores the hidden shapes and patterns we are surrounded by within our daily lives, but which often go unnoticed. Taking inspiration from the footprint of my own childhood home, I have developed these shapes into new and exciting designs for wearable jewellery.

I enjoy working in a meticulous way, developing repeating patterns. Each geometric pattern is hand cut and drawn onto the metal mesh I work with, Some more detailed patterns are laser cut using vinyl. This process allows me to understand the material textures, especially with the mesh as it is very tactile and mouldable to the touch. My collection uses this mouldable flexibility to its advantage creating playful, sculptural structures with more detailed and considered surface patterns layered within the pieces to evoke a sense of home and sentimentality.

Oxidised Copper Bracelet

Oxidised Copper Bracelet - Repeating Pattern

For Sale: Price on Request

Oxidised Copper Pins

For Sale: Price on Request

Beaded Oxidised Copper Necklace

Oxidised Copper, Steel, Silver, Thread
For Sale: Price on Request