Home In A Foreign Place? (2020)

Medium: spices, food, cooking, Zoom, iPhone Voice Memos, mobile phone

Duration: 00:55

Date: 24 Oct 2020 – 03 Nov 2020

Location: Glasgow and Mauritius

Through my work I explored the themes of belonging and displacement. I see the juxtaposition of the two nouns almost as a result of each other. Here, I initially associate belonging to the concept of place — the idea of having a sense of belongingness to a place; interpreting that place being home — ‘where we naturally belong’; using the concept of place to understand culture; exploring the significance of culture in building one’s identity. However displacement challenges the idea of belonging, as having lived in different places and cultures arises the question of where do I belong? Yet displacement also gives the opportunity to belonging to many different places as influences from all places have shaped my identity. But present circumstances have forced to be displaced from the place I have the strongest sense of belonging to, that being home where I originally belong. The overlapping sounds and accelerated pace of the clips playing are an attempt to portray the conflicting ideas.