Home / Re-configuring

By looking and speculating the possible configurations of a family home, this project looks into finding different perspectives and thought-process in our day to day life, based on the notion of sharing between family members. A client is then introduced to help visualize the space and its layout. With the new-found ideas, it would also help re-configure a much more improved and efficient space for the client.

Spectrum of Sharing

This is a simplified graph on the spectrum of sharing from a co-living to family viewpoint. It talks about the importance and intimacy that a family has when it comes to sharing.

The Heart of the House

Like how a fireplace is seemingly the “heart” of spaces in the European architecture, the dining space may be the the “heart” for Asian architecture. Since early years, dining has always been an important aspect of the asian culture. Whether is it a huge gathering event (like the Lunar New Year) or a mundane daily activity between families, the dining space proves to be an important space in bringing people together. This key spaces that showcases a high level of sharing due to them being unpersonalized but rather a collective aesthetics that is inputted by everyone. The notion of sharing is minimized to simple and communal activities such as dining and occassional gatherings.

Comfort Space

Over the years, the bedroom has become much more than its original purpose. Other than it being an space of rest, it has also become a space of work and of intimate entertainment. This encourages family members to spend most of their days in their own bedroom, even more as now Covid-19 have promoted the whole notion of working from home. The bedroom becomes a individualized comfort zone that is not often disrupted by other members of the family, the closing of door for example gives a gesture of “Do Not Disturb”

Client & Original Floorplan

The client is of a low-income big family, 2 parents and 6 kids. Due to their circumstances, they are required to share a 2-room flat. Like the floorplan at the bottom, their boundaries of comfort space are compelled to be mingled in an big open area. The space constraint does not allow for personal comfort spaces for each and every member of the family. This family is specifically chosen to explore how sharing within a family, taken to its extreme, can be configurated and played, challenging the mundane typology that we see in our everyday homes.


The concept will be focusing on the kids, due to the huge amount. Based on the main activities that they need - Activity (Play / Work) and Sleep. By using modules that is stackable and easy to mainpulate, the possiblity of configurations and functions are endless. With a width and height of 350mm, the modules can be shaped to be steps, tables, chairs and many more.
Sharing of Sleeping Space


Due to the small amount of space given, the modules play an important role in providing pockets of personal space. The modules have only 2 sides covered - for the purpose of ambigious surfaces and attachment. Ambigious surfaces refer to surfaces that purpose are determined by the users, it does not have a set function and is ready to adapt to all kind of activities that the user might have. This results in a semi-open concept that does not disrupt the open space, making it seem smaller than it is, yet gives off a semi-enclosure that sleeping space requires

Proposed Design

Personal Space

Each area all 6 children are designed to be equipped with an activity (table), sleep and storage area. This allows the kid to fully utilize the space they are given and also to have a space they can all their own.

ISO Space


This project gave me an opportunity to test out using modular forms to create spaces for a large group of family. By discovering and understanding what the idea of sharing in a family, what we really require in a personal space, helps me configure a almost parasite-like structure that can help accommodate and heighten the client’s home. Through the project, I tried to create not just a space for each and every members, but also a space that truly benefits them for their comfort and needs.