Urban Symbiosis

“People Make Glasgow’, a slogan you could see everywhere in a daily basis, indicating citizens and the city are related symbiotically. This thesis tries to tackle the on-going physical and mental health problem in Calton area, by creating a community hub catering different social programmes to encourage social interaction. As well as promoting urban farming and cooperating a music theatre to create harmonic and therapeutic experience.

People in the community need to change their outlook of life. Nowadays the hectic and stressful lifestyle in the cities has negative implications on a person’s mental health, COVID-19 have caused a great impact towards people’s daily life in Glasgow Economically and psychologically, they have self isolated themselves from the society by working from home and this affects people enormously. The Calton residential district is currently heavily barricated with vegetation barricates and fences, vacant and derelict land in-between housing complexes have created social fragmentation and caused problems to the general public’s health and welfare.

Therefore, a possible solution to this problem is to disconnect from the hectic rhythms of the city and break the spatial boundaries by enhancing the permeability of social interaction ground.

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