How I Like to Learn

The purpose of this project is to create an optimised learning environment for students with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) in secondary school. For Batman, the 1st year student I’m working with, FASD impedes his memory, literacy and numeracy skills, amongst other things. I’m working with Batman and his pastoral support teacher, Jessica, to implement a navigation system which is accessible to him.

The system utilises Batman’s strengths with colour and visuals, enabling him to confidently and independently navigate his new school. This is something he was previously unable to do using the traditional school timetable. Following the success of the navigation system, the project has progressed further. We are now looking at how more students with additional support needs may be involved in future improvements of the education system, through sharing their experiences in the same way that Batman was able to share his.


Excerpt from Batman's comic book (Linked in project intro) illustrating Batman with the FASD Optimised Map and Timetable


Short film detailing the context of the project


The traditional school timetable is inaccessible to Batman and students like him. It's monotone and text-reliant. It mixes numbers and letters and reads from side to side. It gets all jumbled up inside Batman's head.


We started by developing a map that Batman could understand, which lead on to developing a specialised timetable and signs for the school buildings and hallways. Map and timetable can be viewed using link in intro


Using the FASD Optimised navigation system, Batman is now able to find all his classes independently. Making it to class on time helps him to settle in to his lessons better. This system has been designed so that teachers can create custom navigation tools to help any new students entering the secondary school who learn like Batman does.