Human Versus Predator

A full editorial exposé inspired by the account of The Great Hack, featuring big tech companies that utilises our personal data and weaponised it for their own corporate vendetta cum monetary gain — through social polarisation — plunging their people in fake realities and polarising them with fake news.

Polarisation causes three big mental health issues; paranoia, isolation and depression and these are illustrated through a triptych.
What we need more conscious living.

1. Human Vs Predator 2. Life is a screen 3. Bloody! Mincing! Machine!

Triptych Mockup


Mock up of "Life is a Screen"

Mark Zuckerberg

The devil is watching

Human Versus Predator

First Illustration Article

Open Magazine Mockup by Anthony Boyd Graphics

Second illustration article

Bloody! Mincing! Machine!!

Third Illustration article