120 x80 cm

Oil on canvas



In the cult of recalling absent or dead loves ones, the cultic value of the image finds its last refuge. In the transient expression of a human countenance in early photographs, we catch one final glimpse of aura. It is that gives them their melancholic, matchless beauty.

Walter Benjamin ‘ The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction.’



I love seeing old photos. Especially those from the times when taking the photo was an unusual event, even a solemn one. Each time I see something different in them. I often watch the heroes of the second plan and their gaze. They seem to focus more on the portraitist than on their pose or seem to be absent. By distinguishing them from the whole composition and placing these figures in the centre of my painting, I give them a different meaning. I am trying to capture the aura of this character and what is real, authentic and eternal.

120 x80 cm Oil on canvas 2021


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