In & Ex Utero

    10’44” Sound Alone, Binaural, 2022


This binaural soundscape is informed by extensive research into foetal auditory development and sonic environment in humans to replicate the auditory development of a foetus during the prenatal period of its development by recreating its internal sonic environment from the 25th week of gestational age, when the foetal auditory system becomes functional, to the 35th week and until its birth. The intrauterine sounds produced by the mother are audible to the foetus and replicate the in-Utero environment. They include maternal respiration, heartbeat, digestive activity, maternal vocalisations, and movement and are attenuated more than the exogenous, ex-Utero, sounds such as music, room & field ambience, and speech creating a visceral, immersive sonic experience.

Through dynamic processing and equalisation across the low and mid frequencies, panning 14 sound objects across a 360 spherical space, this soundscape simulates the spatialisation of sounds in the environment in-Utero and ex-Utero. The moving sound objects reflect the localisation of the sound sources reaching the foetal inner ear, which is filled with amniotic fluid and the minimal movement of the foetus until the 33rd week of gestation when the foetus changes position within the uterus. This sound only piece uses binaural sound technology to create an immersive spatial audio experience for headphone listeners by providing a richer sense of space, and higher audio definition, evoking the sense of presence for the listener whilst also referencing an experience they once had and that we all share in common.

Processed in ProTools and mixed in Reaper, this piece comprises samples, binaural, stereo and voice-over recordings.

This piece is designed to be played back over headphones.

In Utero Blood Test, Ingemar Nilsson, Laser