Influential Scoop (Future Experiences)

The power of influencers in the NHS cancer prevention messaging

‘Influential Scoop’ is a system in which NHS uses the power of social media influencers for cancer prevention messaging in 2030. This system targets young people in their 20s and 30s and aims to make cancer prevention accessible, free of charge, and easily adaptable.

Due to this remarkable system for the first time in our history, prevention could be equally available for people of different economic and social status, education, sex, and living area. This is possible due to the ‘NHS Trust Mark’ and ‘Prevention Messaging Team’ supervised by the NHS that is collaborating with a variety of creative social media influencers. The output of these influencers reaches the young people through their values providing them with a delightful experience and at the same time spreading the message about cancer prevention. The reason behind this project is the moral conflict between irresponsible influencers’ purposely or accidentally spreading misinformation concerning health advice and our modern society falling out of a habit of double-checking the facts and the damage this carefree combination might bring.

Context. Future world map (Group part)

Impact. An example of a social media campaign as a part of the system

Outcome. Cancer prevention system

Insight. The social media influencers is the missing part between the NHS and young audiences

Development. NHS Trust mark and Prevention Messaging team are the elements of the information verification system

Context for the individual part of the project