Inside Abstract

Inside abstract is an audio/video project exploring the environment of an abstract digital art work as it is created, in a 360 view.

Around the 360 sphere, as marks are made on the canvas, there is an accompanying sound. Each texture, colour and shape has a unique sound which represents the sound imagined or felt by the artist when making that mark.

In this series, the artist is presenting 3 digital works in this style named Sora, Kawa and Toshi. Japanese names meaning Sky, River and City (or Town) when translated into English.

Through the project the artist seeks to get back in touch with her sense of fun and enjoyment around creating by stepping back from the music industry and engaging in something entirely different but none the less engaging.

For best experience please view the works via the website:
If viewing on a VR Headset please adhere to the safety guidelines here

Many thanks to Masaki Ishikawa (amazing fellow artist and boyfriend) who inspired this project and taught me about bringing fun back into my work – view his graduate showcase here


An abstract look at the Sky through the window of VR accompanied by the sound of Summer-time in Japan.


A VR exploration of an abstract river accompanied by the sound of the river in Okutama, Japan.


An abstract recreation of the buzz and bustle of the City, its lights and people accompanied by the sound of The Tokyo Subway.

Rationale Pt. 1

Rationale Pt. 2