Intangible Matter

“I came across something, somewhere: an object that I wanted to bring back with me but had to leave behind. The place where I found the object is about three hours NW from where I live now. We had driven through Glen Coe, and over the bridge past Fort William. After passing the salmon farm to our right and looking out for the big white rock on the left, we arrived at the gate of the caravan park” (excerpt, Intangible Matter, 2021)

Intangible Matter employs the use of language, environmental recording and auto-fictional narrative to hold onto an intangible object, space, place and time. This project was originally presented for the MFA online showcase GLUE.

Available to view here

Intangible Matter, 2021

Stereo Audio HD 7.52min

Intangible Matter, 2021

Still from 16mm digital transfer, filmed and shot on location