The third expansion of this project acts as a continuation of part 2 of the project. The main objective of my project is to be able to bring people together and have the social interaction people need. With that being said, there are friends and families that actually live in the HDB blocks that are right beside each other.
Since I have designed to connect people vertically across a block, I have decided to bridge the connection between 2 blocks together to widen the radius of interaction within the community.
Part 1 of the project starts within a home, Part 2 works with the whole block, and Part 3 is about starting a connected community. I believe that the pandemic, it has caused many families and friends unable to see each other for a long period of time. Hopefully, this project can reflect how everyone felt when going through the pandemic.
Part 3 of the project will be the conclusion of my project and for my project as a whole, I just want this project to be a meaningful project for everyone that sees it.

Exploration of different circulation

Initial planning with basic shapes to visualize how will the structure connect(Left). Adding the trellis structure to work as a shelter and also a medium for the separation of pathways. The choice of materials are similar to the vertical corridor to show that it is a continuation from the structure. The size of the platforms are also standardized like the vertical corridor so that it could limit the number of people on a single platform(Right).
The image shows how the space connects from one block to another and also the different paths that be used. The trellis acts as a form of shelter and also creates a separation between spaces. The size of the space determines the level of intimacy of the space.
Showing the contrast between the space with a trellis and the space without. There is a different level of visual and sound interaction between the 2 spaces(Left). Connection at different levels to allow more interaction between 2 blocks of flats and also giving more opportunities for different groups of people to gather(Right).
The overview of the entire project where all the different parts of the project connects together.