Interference is an in-development augmented reality documentary for Microsoft HoloLens telling the story of semioticians, beurocrats and designers’ plans since the 1980s to create monuments and messages warning humans 10,000 years in the future about buried nuclear waste sites. These included building massive ‘menacing earthworks’, breeding bioluminescent cats and creating a Nuclear Priesthood. In the face of impending climate catastrophe, what can these proposed solutions tell us about our own roles as stewards of the earth for future generations, our tendency towards short-term thinking, and our current responses to the climate crisis?

Interference uses a large textile augmented reality target, which when recognised by the HoloLens headset, is enhanced with 3D models of the proposed interventions, archival footage and animations, allowing audiences to experience the impacts of these messages on the landscape thousands of years into the future.

Interference: Textile Target

Interference: 3D Environment