00. Introduction



“I am not disabled by my autism, though; I am disabled by my environment.” – Jac den Houting, a research psychologist with autism



This project is interested in understanding the relationship between autism and design, and how design can help achieve a better built environment for people on the autistic spectrum.

Autism is not an illness that needs curing, it is a neurological disorder that affects part of the brain that involves information processing. This makes interacting with the environment a little more difficult for those with autism than for others.

In this project, three different typologies are investigated to show the difference in designing for autism as compared to designing for neurotypical people. Precedent studies, research papers, interviews, and literature become an important part of the design process, questioning and understanding more dominant ways of thinking about design. The project is not about creating the most beautiful and exciting spaces, rather it hopes to design spaces that people on the spectrum can understand and enjoy.