Invading Green

While walking around the city, I always noticed many plants growing freely beyond the fence. Some of them grow in the crevices of the concrete walls, even though that provides little space conducive to plant growth. Meanwhile, in Glasgow, there is a vast of moss growing on stone walls and roadways. I wondered if, from these phenomena, plants were spreading and expanding as an invisible force in a city of steel and concrete. I began to think about the relationship between plants and man-made rules with these questions in mind.

In a broad sense, plants are very tiny compared to artificial cities. So, are plants breaking through the man-made spaces and expanding their survival space?

Invading Green shows how mosses can break through in these tight and limited spaces; by some invisible force, slowly creeping, unnoticed into our environment. The design of the type, before the moss growth, represents the narrow areas of man-made rules.