Project Two: District

Lacuna (n.) – an unfilled space; a gap


Calton at the present lacks potential to its fullest, as well as suffering from social, economic and environmental problems since its fall out with major regeneration initiatives in the Clyde Gateway to the East and Merchant City to the West, suggesting the area itself has been missed out. Much of the built-up area is vacant and the rest is in poor or part derelict condition. Along with road and rail barriers, from the city centre and the area itself.

There are several opportunities Calton and the Barras have to offer that can be built on to turn around the area and provide economic benefit to Glasgow. Local business and residential community are strong, and it is apparent they wish change would happen. Most Glaswegians know the Barras market and the Barrowlands music venue which attracts many artists throughout the year with such close proximity to the city centre.

Traditionally the Barras have been the heart of creative people, with the WASPS studio in East Campbell Street, as well as BAaD as a new addtion. A move of Arts collections to the Pipe Factory in the building on Moncur Street show growth of creative and craft industries being the key driver in the Barras future.

Bringing activity and football back to the Barras and Calton will signal significant change in the area. Activities such as re-branding the Barras Market, along with an opportunity to develop event links such as TRNSMT Festival along Glasgow Green through the Barras, Barrowlands Ballroom and into other venues in the area.

Stitching the Barras back into the surrounding neighourhoods allows for development on vacant sites, both residential and/or stalled spaces available to creative outlooks. These areas should be designed so that they could accommodate large numbers of people when the spaces are being used – for example Stevenson Street could benefit from less traffic if this is imagined as a pedestrian area instead.

A hybrid of living and working units initiate communication by those occupying and those bypassing; a safe space where locals can interact. Artists or musicians can sell oe showcase their work in these areas. To introduce more uses into the Barras area and restore character, buildings over two storeys will benefit from a mixture of uses and activities like music studios / art exhibition spaces and residential areas.