Layer. Stack. Wrap.

‘Layer. Stack. Wrap.’ Has evolved from a full-bodied collection of research taken from salvage yards in and around Glasgow, an industry that celebrates the beauty of discarded objects through restoration. A ‘Trash to Treasure’ process. Inspired by the elaborate miscellany and intricate tactility of these locations this collection has been driven by material curiosity.

With a focus on predominantly hand-embroidered processes, I have created an extensive collection of multi-layered designs featuring a juxtaposition of bold form interlaced with intricate colour and material detail. The use of discarded material has been central to my design process and I have incorporated flaws into my collection, allowing the viewer to appreciate the beauty of imperfection.

Through a bold use of scale and material combination, I have created a set of highly adaptable designs allowing them to be flexible in their context. This collection is intended for fashion and interior purposes.

Considering responsible design, this collection has been created using only sustainably sourced materials including discarded factory leather offcuts, wooden remnants, found objects, and pre-loved jewellery. Incorporating a zero-waste methodology into my design process has been crucial in capturing the core of the project’s starting point.

fashion visualisations

Fashion Collage Visualisations

Leather patchwork sample

Leather and tape unit piece

Tape Drawings