Let’s Talk


Let’s Talk was inspired by my sisters experience of her miscarriage and the main acknowledgement on how I never found out until months after it happened. This sparked my interest in the grey area of why the topic of miscarriages is so shied away from in today’s society.

This emerging theme of isolation and a lack of communication was prominent through my research through anonymous surveys with woman who have experienced miscarriages. Due to the importance of this topic, I structured my research around qualitative data that was human centred, putting there best interests first. The research stage was constructed through collaborative workshops, interviews and user testing to understand the participants experiences on a personal level.

The key themes that emerged from my research was : there was a lack of open conversation around miscarriages, there is a lack of implemented education in schools for children aged 16+ and that the northern culture are more enclosed about delicate issues and tend to isolate ourselves.

This inspired Let’s Talk, with the value being a key theme that was a pain point in a woman’s  journey of a miscarriage. This key theme being a lack of open conversation around miscarriages.

The below quotes are extracts from interviews and expert sessions which shaped the direction of my research into the structure of opening conversation.



“ When I do paper making workshops, it sometimes makes people to open up about there life without realising. Especially difficult topics. “ – Dierdre Nelson

“I really wish I was more prepared for this, they should be educating us on this to prepare for later life” – Anonymous

“We aren’t educated directly on how to cope and support people with miscarriages it’s generalised into compassion and being empathetic in differing circumstances” – NHS Midwife

“When I phoned triage and told midwife’s they confirmed I was having one and that basically was it. No support offered.” – Anonymous

“I kept quiet, I didn’t tell anyone for a few months except for keeping document of my thoughts until finally telling when my family noticed how closed off I became.” – Anonymous



Let’s Talk is an engagement tool which aids healthy conversation around the topic of miscarriage in an individual’s chosen safe space. It allows them to share their experience with who they feel comfortable with whilst simultaneously sculpting through the art of self-expression. This targets a pain point that was prominent in my research: isolation and lack of conversation around the topic of miscarriage.

Let’s Talk main aim is to allow woman to connect to those around them about their journey and find beauty within it. This project was inspired by art therapy and child’s play. Using these forms of play to relax individuals into this experience and begin their journey of opening up and educating those around them about what they went through.

Live capture of sculpting through self expression

Lets Talk guidance booklet

An individuals sculpture created through self expression of miscarriage journey