Light and Space Art Documentary

This short documentary looks at the origins of the Light and Space art movement and contemporary artists whose work are influenced by it.

The Light and Space art movement was built on the idea that art could immerse the viewer outwith the canvas. Such as art that visibly changes depending on the angle that you observe it, or art which uses light to recontextualise the surrounding space. This was the main influencing factor in our decision to create a short documentary film on the Light and Space movement. Although we didn’t consider ourselves that knowledgeable of the origins of the movement, we certainly were familiar with contemporary artists who encourage positive environmental or societal thinking by manipulating light, such as Olafur Eliasson, Katie Paterson and Heather Lander. This seemed like an interesting avenue to pursue; where we see the influence of Light and Space today, and is the work still changing perceptions?

Visuals and editing – Ernestas Kivilsa

Sound – Craig Hamilton

Featuring Hamish Bigg – Bigg Design