Lost Soles Short Story 3

The third of three resolved short stories for the larger graphic novel ‘Lost Soles’. Each short story will work as it’s own separate narrative, but all will follow one or more of the comics themes to link back to the overall narrative. These themes include: indecision, social anxieties, fear of failure, self worth, and the desire of that ‘fake perfect life’ which is glorified on social media – jealous fantasies, which steam from insecurities. I wanted the stories to really capture the performative side of my practice and to create them improvisationally – created of the moment to embrace the random unpredictable qualities of improv. This would in turn highlight the infinitely random possibilities of an indecisive mind.

Due to unforeseen circumstances in my personal life, this project is still a work in progress. My goal is to have at least 10 short stories completed in the larger graphic novel by August of this year.

Lost Soles Polished Oak Oxfords 1

Lost Soles Polished Oak Oxfords 2

Lost Soles Polished Oak Oxfords 3