Lunar Influence

While the flooding of the Graving Docks is both a practical and a productive exploration, it is also a ritualistic. Through the development of the Floating Islands, my aim was to create rituals of rehabilitation, which are in sync and in relation to natural phenomena like the movement of the Moon.

Taking inspiration from Jane Bennett’s Vibrant Materialism:

“This sense of a strange and incomplete commonality with the out-side may induce vital materialists to treat nonhumans – animals, plants, earth, even artifacts and commodities – more carefully, more strategically, more ecologically. But how to develop this capacity for naivete? One tactic might be to revisit and become temporarily infected by discredited philosophies of nature, risking “the taint of superstition, animism, vitalism, anthropomorphism, and other premodern attitudes.”

The questions which I were asking through this part of my Thesis: What kind of rituals would the making and nurturing of the floating islands induce? And if we think of the floating islands as the children of the Graving Docks and the Community who builds them, can we extend the notion of parenting to include nonhumans?

Lunar influence