Mapping My Final Year

During the first semester I was experimenting with filmmaking within the context of landscape and place, but I deliberately didn’t restrict myself to one site in Scotland. A major part of my development process has been about letting the atmosphere of each individual place influence the feel of the final film. I wanted to create a piece that encompasses all the different landscapes I’d been filming at and not have to chose just one location.

I was inspired by Ilana Halperin’s hand drawn floor plan on her website, each room becomes a link to a different artwork, to create my own map. My map brings together my experiences this semester through a drawing of Scotland and icons. These icons are links to films, drawings and the pewter sculptures depending on what I created at that site. Up to this point I have looked at this year in terms of broadening my knowledge of filmmaking alongside my understanding of Scotland’s landscapes and I think the map is an effective way of encapsulating this in one realised piece. I want the viewer to be able to explore these places visually and build up their own journey.

Digital sketchbook in the link below (Only works in Chrome)