Project Four: Urban Building

Meraki (v.) – When you leave a piece of yourself, your soul, creativity, and love in what you do. To put a little bit of yourself into something


Meraki is a place where the public can re-establish common ground and learn to build bridges rather than breed division. It will help local networks and groups to celebrate what makes them unique. This has the power to create unity on a social level, as well as a local one. Museums and art galleries provide a sense of community and place, celebrating a collective heritage of the people of Glasgow, offering multiple ways to get to know the history of the area. Brining people in a literal way, through public events, workshops and lectures.

A local museum dedicated to the people of Calton and Greater Glasgow, from the young to the old – a space where people can imagine, play and design. Unblocking creativity, connecting visitors to inspiring objects, projects and people from across Glasgow involved in a collection of art, design and performance.

The museum will work with schools, universities and organisations near the site, asking what they want to see. Gallery spaces will include interactive displays, workshops and spaces for hands-on making such as pottery. Visitors will be invited to develop creative skills through performance, play and design, with an atrium designed for day and night activities.