Mutual Care

The concept and development of the Mutual Care was the starting point for the development of the Village and the development of the Floating Islands. The model below is the manifestation of this exploration and has two main trajectory within my Thesis narrative.

Firstly, it explores the building as an in-between actant, where the person is cared for by the building through its ability to provide shelter and protection, and in return, the person cares for the building through maintenance and construction. Can human to nonhuman relations formed through construction?

Secondly, through the act of tea drinking, the physical body of the building and the person is blurred, where the bark of the willow tree (from which the model is made) is digested by the person who sits within. Willow tree bark has a medicinal property similar to aspirin and therefore can be used as natural remedy. What is the relationship between the health of a building (or landscape) and the health of a human being?

While the concept of Mutual Care helped to move my Thesis forward, eventually it reached the end of its life-cycle. But the end here is not marking the disappearance of the concept but the transformation of it into a new one. As a metaphor and manifestation, the model too had to pass away in order to allow for something new to grow out of it.

Born from the willow tree branches of the Graving Docks, the broken pieces of the model were cremated through the development of the Social Eating concept and the body of the model become the literal and philosophical fuel for the tea making.

In relation to the Govan Graving Docks; Can we think of the dereliction and decay of this space not with a sense of loss and grief but as a celebration of change and transformation? Govan has lost its identity with the closure of the shipyards and didn’t manage to properly recovery since.

Through the burial of the Graving Docks as a ship repair facility, could Govan enter into a search for a new identity? And what are the tools, materials and spaces which the community would needs for this process?

Scale of Care