Nan and Bobby’s Mining Archive

My Gran, Nan Hendrie, and my Papa, Bobbie Hendrie, reflecting on the importance of the Miner’s Welfare Band to their community. Whilst my Gran shows me around the former Polkemmet Pug, the very train that passed her everyday as a child, my Papa plays ‘Songs My Mother Taught me’ on his double bass in the Whitburn band hall.

‘The Dardanelles’ was a name given to Polkemmet Colliery after the campaign during the First World War, when the second shaft of the pit was sunk. The colliery supplied coking coal for the Ravenscraig steelworks in Motherwell, but closed due to flooding during the 1984 miners strikes. Polkemmet colliery was a mine that two generations of my family worked at.

Below are some images belonging to my grandparents.

Scan 22

Scan 23

doller mine

Scan 12

young papa in band

Polkemmet Pug

papa and swedish visitors

Scan 4 copy